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MC-824KD digital E1 PRI  Card


  • Based on PBX models: Miracall MC-824KD series PBX
  • Modular Type: 32dB +
  • Single Card Max.: 32 lines 
  • Whole System Max.: 4piece of PRI card  
  • Occupy PBX Socket:  E1 socket

             PRI  Card   
          1.   User can  select GSM ,CDMA, 3G route  or PSTN line to dial outside call via Miracall PBX system;
          2.   In some area, it is very convenient to dial outside call via wireless GSM/CDMA networking if there's no PSTN Lines;
          3.   You can still use PBX features when install these GSM/ CDMA card inside; 
          4.  Power supply for the card is from PBX ,and occupy PBX CO Line socket only ;
          5.  For each single GSM/ CMDA card, there's selection of 2 ports or 4 ports for sale; 
               For different Miracall PBX models:
                                                                             MODEL                            Max. Install Card            Max. Ports             Support Type 
                                                                             MC-824KD1                     3 pieces                               12                      GSM/ CDMA/ 3G
                                                                             MC-824KD2                     4 pieces                               16                      GSM/ CDMA/ 3G
     Connection Diagram:

Analog Hybrid PBX 
MC-416E (3/8,4/16 expand)
MC-824K (32port,1-4key)
Digital Hybrid PBX
MC-824KD1 (80port,68key)
MC-824KD2 (144port,80Key)
DECT Wireless Solution
GSM, CDMA Solution
Digital E1  PRI Solution
Call Center Solution
Key Telephones
MC-1  (32Key, Black)
MC-50  (21Key, Ivory white)
MC-3100S Basic Phone
Basic PBX
MC-208 (2 in,8 out)
TS-208 (2 in,8 out)
TS-308 (3 in,8 out)
TS-416 (4 in,16 out)
TAD-632 (6 in,32 out)
TK-848 (8 in,48 out)
TK-16128 (16 in,128 out)
Voice Logger
USB Box Voice Logger
PCI Voice Logger
Door Phone & Opener
Anti-lightning Box

Other Information:
  Giftbox. Size: 48.5*30*11cm
N. Weight: 6kgs/PC
G. Weight: 8kgs/PC
CTN Size: 82*50*35cm
Voltage: 110 or 220VAC, 50~60Hz
Max. Power Consume: 48W
Cross Attenuation: ≥ 70 dB
Transmit Loss: ≤ 0.37dB
Dialing Mode: Pulse/ DTMF
Environment Temp: 0~45º C
Environment Humidity: 10%~90%
Analog Line Length: 1km

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